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As some of you might know already, I am going abroad next semester, either to Cork, Ireland or to London.  As I'm pretty sure you don't know, I am almost physically incapable of making decisions.  It's an OCD thing I've had since childhood that has gotten a lot better, but in this instance I just can't figure out where to do.  I have been thinking about this for a month and I just can't decide.  So in this post I'm going to give all the info I have about these places and I would really, really appreciate any info that you guys have.  Obviously you can't make the decision for me but I think getting some fresh perspectives separate from my own neurosis would really help.

this is a fucking book so I totally understand if y'all don't want to read it but I would seriously appreciate input more than I can sayCollapse ) 

Thank you so, so much to anyone who can give any input, whether it's based on personal experience or the fucking novel I just wrote.  I am seriously at a loss here.


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Fandom March Madness is clearly out to get me, because they are pitting characters from my two favorite shows ever against each others.  But as much as it pains me to vote against the Eleventh Doctor, I have to stick with my girl VMars.

So everyone PLEASE go to this poll and vote for Veronica!  She is currently only 11 votes behind (appropriate number, no?).  Yes, this is important and meaningful.


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Does anyone know if there's a way that I could get the Inception "BRRRRRRMMM" noise sent to my phone?  I am dying for that to be my text alert sound but I have no idea how to go about it.

I'd offer something in return for making my dreams come true but I have no skills.  IDK I would have been shit out of luck if nations still used the barter system.


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Who makes poor life choices?  I MAKE POOR LIFE CHOICES!  As such I'm going to make this pointless LJ entry rather than doing my homework.  I actually had a hard time filling this out because I tend to go through one fandom/pairing at a time so I ended up thinking back quite a long way.

# Six pairings I like:
1. Arthur/Eames (Inception)
2. Remus/Sirius (HP)
3. Max/Alec (Dark Angel)
4. Brittany/Santana (Glee)
5. Booth/Brennan (Bones)
6. Piper/Cole (Charmed)

# Three Ships I've Abandoned:
7. Harry/Hermione (HP) (lol)
8. Sam/Dean (Supernatural)
9. Adam Lambert/Kris Allen (AI)

# Three Ships I Have Never Really Liked:
10. Logan/Veronica (Veronica Mars)
11. Marius/Cosette (Les Mis)
12. Harry/Ginny (HP)

# Two Ships That Have Piqued My Interest:
13. Everyone on Merlin/Everyone on Merlin (Merlin)
14. Arthur/Ariadne (Inception)

aaaaaand some questionsCollapse )
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I realize I'm like three years behind, but I just discovered Merlin, and I kind of love it like cake.  Delicious, delicious cake.  I'm not even sure if anyone on my flist watches this show, so feel free to skip over my thoughts.  And if you do comment please don't mention anything beyond season 1, because that's as far as I've gotten.

I know this is supposed to be the Holy Grail of slashy shows, and I can see why.  Thinly veiled homoeroticism disguised as loyalty and brotherhood?  I'm all about it.  Merlin and Arthur's devotion to each other melts me a little.  But I kind of...don't ship it.  I mean, I want them to be the most important things in each other's lives and have unwavering loyalty and no alternative love interest, but I'm just not feeling it as a romantic pair.  (Of course I said the same thing about Supernatural in the beginning and...well, let's not go there.)  IDK I see them as best friends who may occasionally touch each other "accidentally" but nothing more.

TBH I don't really ship anything on this show, which is a weird experience for me.  Gwen and Arthur should totally be politically married BFFs who call each other on their crap and are generally awesome, but I can't get behind them as a romantic pair either.  I just kind of want to put Morgana on a pedestal so mere mortals can gaze at her beauty.  I would not be adverse to reading angry smut between her and Arthur, but in general I like their sibling-like dynamic.  Lancelot I reserve for myself.

So, does anyone think future seasons will change my mind on this?  Does anyone have FIC that will change my mind?  I would love to read some, either gen or of pretty much any pairing.  The nice thing about not having a fandom OTP is that it's not physically painful for me to read other pairings.  I always feel like I miss out on good fic that way, but if I'm really into a pairing I just can't help it.  So any recs y'all have are more than welcome.  Or we can pretend this pointless little ramble never happened.  Whichever.


another question, this time fic related

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How do fics become pdfs?  Does the author have to provide the file or can anyone make them?  And is there a pdf-fic collection somewhere like the audiofic archive?

no I am not asking so I can put fic on my nook, why would you think that


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Happy New Year everybody!  I know a lot of people think resolutions are stupid, but I love them (at least partially because I love making lists).  I got to 17 before I cut myself off and decided to condense (lol I only got rid of one), so here is my (still) incredibly long list of resolutions.  I guess I just have a lot of shit to get together.

  1. Lose 35-40lbs and maintain an active lifestyle.
  2. Join my school's Quidditch team.
  3. Join/try out for something involving music or theatre at school.
  4. Try to be a better and more giving person.
  5. Be more organized and on top of things.
  6. Be more outgoing.
  7. Try new things.
  8. Go new places.
  9. Make new friends.
  10. Essentially, try to be as Gryffindor-like as possible/live every week like it's Shark Week.
  11. Go abroad/have concrete plans to go abroad.
  12. Clean and redecorate my room.
  13. Keep in contact with people more often/put more effort into friendships.
  14. Have some sort of relationship or at least go on a goddamn date.  Loss of virginity is preferable.
  15. Practice playing guitar as much as possible.
  16. Read more books.


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Hey y'all!  My aunt gave me a nook color for Christmas and now I need some books to put on it.  Does anyone have any recommendations?

Condoms, Rose, condoms condoms condoms!

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(In other news, a year after leaving school for depression I finally finished my incomplete classes!  I feel so much better and will be going back in January.  I'm so happy!)

a moment of rage and srs bsns

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On ONTD today I came across this article, which discuss how various Disney stars have descended into wild ways.  While I care absolutely nothing about these people outside of basic human compassion, there were so many things about this article that offended and upset me that I had to post about it.

Now, there are several offensive things evident before reading the article, such as the painfully hot pink background and the fact that only female stars are discussed.  Because everyone knows that only women can have their actions put under a microscope and judged.  Just give the boys a free pass.  Once I started reading I was then offended by the stupidity of the article, which called Miley wild for, among other things, having a beer at the age of 17.  This is too idiotic and sensationalistic for me to even discuss.

But the things that really, deeply upset me are the following.  First, in regards to Demi Lovato, they said this:

Why she’s earned her wild reputation:
• She just checked into a treatment facility for an eating disorder and self-mutilation issues.

I'm sorry, when did eating disorders and mental illness become signs of wildness?  Saying that they're "wild" implies that they're the result of behavior and choices on the part of the sufferer, and not actual, medical problems.  Thank you, author, for enforcing the stigma of blame that surrounds mental illness and makes it so hard or sufferers (myself included) to talk about it.  Thank you for equating eating disorders and self-harm with drug use, jail stints, and DUIs, all of which are listed as reasons for "wild reputations."  And thank you for saying it's wild to not just have such issues, but to get treatment for them as well.  It's not like sufferers didn't already have a hard time managing to do that.

Moving on to Christina Aguilera (who, let me remind you, is a 29-year-old grown ass woman), they had this to say:

• She has admitted to enjoy kissing and looking at women.
• She was open about her casual sex life, “I love experimenting with my sexuality. Sex is a beautiful thing. I like having sex. It’s fun.”

The archaic and misogynistic vilification of female sexuality is bad enough.  But let's focus on the part where Christina's bisexuality is brought into this.  There are so, so many things wrong with this being on a "wild reputation" list.  I have to number them to keep track.
  1. As with Demi's mental issues and eating disorder, it is equating bisexuality to things like DUIs and drug use.  I'm sure the author didn't mean to attack her sexuality like this, but her idiotic article manages to do just that.
  2. It enforces the stereotype that bisexuality is just a party favor, or is only applicable for "party girls" looking to have a good time.  Because bisexuality certainly isn't a legitimate sexual orientation that can apply to anyone of any race, religion, or personality.  Not at all.
  3. It punishes Christina for being open enough to talk about her sexuality.  Her sexuality should be as much of a non-issue as it is with heterosexual women, not thrown in her face and used to judge her behavior.  The inordinate focus on homo and bisexuality is one of the reasons why people are so hesitant and afraid to come out, and we need more people who are willing to be honest and let everyone else know that it's okay to be who you are.
In short, welcome to society.  These are the stigmas and stereotypes that are so ingrained that this moron author didn't even know she was enforcing them.  These is only a small taste of what women, non-heterosexuals, and those suffering with mental illness deal with every day.  I really hope more people look at things like this seemingly harmless article a little more closely, because that's the only way things are going to get better for those who already suffer so much.